Unable to Disable ticket fields

Hi Team,
I am unable to disable ticket fields via freshservice interface api, in any of the freshservice account, Iam getting Undefined as response. I am also unable to get the ticket details via freshservice data api, in the following account: [https://lworkers.freshservice.com], here Iam getting message: “Request timed out!” . Here I will also attach the screenshot of my console.

Hi @Manigandan_Ravi,

I am able to reproduce the Interface API issue in my account as well. I will report it to the team and post the updates in this thread.

The second issue is not happening for my account. Since it looks like specific to your account, can you share the following additional details to narrow down the issue?

  1. Can you try clearing cache and confirm if it still exists?
  2. The status of the ticket that you are trying to access?
  3. Is this a sandbox account of Freshservice or regular account?

Thanx for your reply…!

  1. The problem still exists even after the clearing the cache.
    2.The status of the ticket is open.
  2. Its a regular account

Thanks for the information.

Could you share your network logs when the ticket page loads and the Data API is used to get the ticket data?

This might have some sensitive information. So, you can respond in the Direct Message (DM) for my message to avoid posting it here publicly.

@Manigandan_Ravi Regarding the first issue of Interface API, it looks like the field gets disabled. But, the flow goes into the error block with the error as undefined.

Could you test it out again and confirm if the field gets disabled disregard of the response?
If that does not work, we may have to debug with your account as it could be some account specific issue.

Yes, as you said the field gets disabled, and the flow goes into the error block as undefined… Thanks

Thank you for the confirmation. I have reported this bug to the team. I will post the updates on this thread.

As a workaround, the error case can be skipped for this functionality as it works and goes in the error condition by default.