Unable to find API Key as per the Freshservice help documents

I’m building an integration to FreshService so that users of my app can create/view/edit tickets to FreshService. To start with, I need them to paste their freshservice API Key in my app so I can make API calls on their behalf.

I’m following the instructions at Where do I find my API key? : Freshservice to try and retrieve my own API key, however there’s no “API Key” section in my profile at all.

For context, I’m not a support agent, just a regular user of our Freshservice account (eg. can lodge tickets), and use Google login to sign in to freshservice.

Hoping this is an easy thing to help with!

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Hi @JeremyKirkham,
Hope you are doing good! Welcome to the community.
you don’t have permission to view the API key, it will be enabled only If you have admin permission,
if you want to create an app, I would suggest creating an account (by default you will be the admin) in Freshservice
Hope it helps.

Santhosh B