Unable to get Link Header in response when parameter 'query' is passed in requesters API


I am facing issue implementing pagination for implementing integration with Saviynt.
There are 2 ways I could achieve this -

  1. Using ‘link’ header for next page : Not receiving ‘Link’ in response headers when I pass parameter ‘query’ in request.

e.g. https://mycompany.freshservice.com/api/v2/requesters?per_page=100&query=~[primary_email]%3A'mycompany.com'&page=1

  1. Using ‘page’ and ‘per_page’ : Only object that we can refer for calculating next url is response in Saviynt. So we cannot iterate by incrementing ‘page’ value that we pass in request parameter.

Has anyone faced this issue? Any suggestions will help.


Hi Siddhesh,

Just need to confirm what you’re trying to do.

I hope you are attempting to filter contacts based on a specific email ID.


In that case, you will receive an array of objects as a response.

If you are making API calls without knowing the page, you can, from the initial call, store the page number in the database’s (key-value storage).

Make a condition that if the length of the response is greater than zero, navigate to the next page by calling the same function recursively until the response returns empty, and update the database.