Unable to get team details in call details

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I am having a requirement when a call is a transfer to an available agent(Agent A) in a particular team. if A is in multiple teams. before A pics call need to fetch the team details

I didn’t found assigned team details in the call details can you help how to proceed with this?


Can you please check Freshcaller ( /api/v1/users/:user_id) which has teams in response in form of array. You can use the ids to fetch team details via /api/v1/teams/:team_id.

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@ManiDeepak_Vandrangi I agree with you but user or agent has in multiple teams(A and B) than how to find from which team call got transferred to?

You can find the agent’s team ID in Product Events callObject under assigned_team_id attribute.

yes @ManiDeepak_Vandrangi, I tried using call update event which is in product events but the assigned team id and assigned team name results are coming null

Is the assigned_team_id value coming as null even for inbound calls? For outbound calls, it will come as null.

For ibound calls also team id is null
Looks like both source agent and destination agent payloads are the same

  phone_number: '+12015844716',
  root_call_id: null,
  created_time: '2021-06-02T13:42:05.972Z',
  call_notes: 'with will transfer to one agent in multiple teams',
  assigned_ivr_id: null,
  assigned_team_id: null,
  integrated_resources: [
  assigned_call_queue_name: 'Global Queue',
  phone_number_id: 56151,
  participants: [
      participant_type: 'Customer',
      duration: null,
      caller_number: '+18565021484',
      created_time: '2021-06-02T13:42:06.174Z',
      connection_type: 0,
      enqueued_time: null,
      cost_unit: 'usd',
      caller_id: 20276641,
      duration_unit: 'seconds',
      caller_name: '+18565021484',
      id: 81767652,
      cost: 0.0085,
      participant_id: 26557946,
      updated_time: '2021-06-02T13:43:53.479Z',
      call_id: 81767720,
      call_status: 1
      participant_type: 'Agent',
      duration: 51,
      caller_number: null,
      created_time: '2021-06-02T13:42:16.690Z',
      connection_type: 1,
      enqueued_time: null,
      cost_unit: 'usd',
      caller_id: null,
      duration_unit: 'seconds',
      caller_name: null,
      id: 99395393,
      cost: null,
      participant_id: 91968,
      updated_time: '2021-06-02T13:43:18.455Z',
      call_id: 81767720,
      call_status: 1
  recording_to_redact: null,
  direction: 'incoming',
  assigned_call_queue_id: 70748,
  assigned_team_name: null,
  id: 81767720,
  parent_call_id: null,
  bill_duration: 72,
  bill_duration_unit: 'seconds',
  assigned_agent_name: 'Projteam A Artis',
  updated_time: '2021-06-02T13:43:51.735Z',
  recording: {
    duration: 50,
    url: 'https://artissolcallcenter.freshcaller.com/api/v1/calls/81767720/recording/40399442',
    duration_unit: 'seconds',
    id: 40399442,
    transcription_url: null
  assigned_ivr_name: null,
  assigned_agent_id: 91968

this is the payload for an incoming call that is transferred(cold) to an agent, this for destination agent before picks the call payload i need before destination agent pick a call team details

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Please can you help Tejaswi with her query

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