Unable to hit my service from serverless app even after whitelisting Freshdesk IPs


I have created a serverless app from which I’m hitting my backend service using axios. I have got all the IPs shared by Freshdesk support whitelisted at my backend. Still the IPs in X-Forwarded-For header are different.

IP received in X-Forwarded-For:

After whitelisting above IP it started working fine.

Kindly share list of IPs to be whitelisted.

IP list given by support:


onTicketUpdateHandler: async function (payload) {
        var resp =  await axios.post(url, payload);

Thanks in advance.

The egress IPs we list in our docs are valid only if you use Request Method, which proxies the request through an internal service. When using a 3rd party library, like axios, the requests directly originate from the Lambda function running your serverless app’s event trigger. In that case, you will see different IPs than the ones mentioned.

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