Unable to install custom app with entities defined since last week


since last week I am unable to install my custom apps. Validating and packing using the FDK works, end-to-end testing the app installation is also successful. I noticed that installation does succeed when I do not define any entity schemas (in config/entities.json). So I tried adding a minimal entities.json:

    "test_entity": {
        "fields": [
                "name": "test",
                "label": "Test",
                "type": "text"

With this, installation fails again. Custom apps that I have installed before and so are known to be good, do not install anymore now. I do not know what the problem is here. This happens both in Freshdesk and Freshsales.

I hope someone can help with this, if more information is needed, let me know.


Further information:

Node version: 18.18.0
FDK version: 9.0.5

To reproduce:

  • $ fdk create -p freshdesk -t your_first_app
  • add above entities.json to config dir
  • upload as custom app
  • install in the Freshdesk app section, here the error occurs

Using other products/templates result in the same issue. This seems like a problem on FWs side.
It happens in our own development environment, but also the clients Freshdesk/Freshsales environment.

Hi @d_samp,


I hope only users with an Enterprise plan can use this module.

Plz, refer to the Docs for more info.

Hope this little heads-up helps.

Have a good day!

Thank you.

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