Unable to install custom app with entities-storage custom object (entities.json file)

Hi all,

I’m facing difficulty with installing my custom app in freshdesk. The application packing process using the FDK is successful, and the app works good in local dev env as well. However, I’ve observed that the installation is only successful when I don’t specify the entity schemas (entities.json) in the configuration file (config/entities.json).

Below is the sample schema we use
“entity”: {
“fields”: [{
“name”: “test”,
“label”: “test”,
“type”: “paragraph”
“name”: “test1”,
“label”: “test1”,
“type”: “text”




  • Node version: 18.18.0
  • FDK version: 9.0.5

Can someone please help us with this?


Hi team,

I wanted to follow up on the message I sent earlier regarding custom app installation issue .
It would be helpful, If you have the opportunity to address my previous inquiry. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hi team,

I’m also having issues installing an app with entities.json, every time I hit install it fails :(.

I remove entities.json and it works… any feedback would be great!!

Hi @twistedpro,


I hope only users with an Enterprise plan can use this module.

Plz, refer to the Docs for more info.

Hope this little heads-up helps.

Have a good day!

Thank you.

Hi Benny Immanuel,

Thanks for your response, I’m using my Freshdesk trial account which is in the Enterprise plan by default and I face the same issue here unable to install when the entities.json file is added to the config folder.

I came across a community post saying that custom objects are now supported in PRO plans as well.

Please confirm if this is valid for the PRO plan as well and help us resolve the issue ASAP.