Unable to install the app with valid credentials error populates

Hey folks,

Today we are facing a bit weird issue. We have a custom app that can be successfully installed in a local environment without any errors.

When I published the app as custom and tried installing it, we are unable to install the app. We were getting the below error notification,

Hi @Ebubekir_Tabak ,

This is the issue because of some unwanted line in your server.js, it works locally but while deploy the app you’ll get it.
Just to confirm whether the issue in your code,Create a new app just give console in the callback function which you used and check whether will it installing or not.

Thank you

Seems like you are using app setup events in your app, and you are not returning the data with renderdata method correctly,
Kindly follow this document for more reference


Here’s an example of what @Santhosh might be referring to

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Thanks @Santhosh and @Saif we solved the issue.