Unable to load my custom app page

Hi Team,

Loading... => is keep on loading. i can’t able to access my custom app inside that. can someone look into it. Attaching Screenshot for reference.
i tired relogin also


@Developer-Platform can anyone help with this?

CC @mariappan @shravan.balasubraman

Hi @Saravana_Kumar_R ,

Good day!

Can you share the HAR log to help us proceed with debugging this issue? I can create a separate private thread to avoid exposing sensitive information if any.


yes, can you create a private channel for sharing. file size is 35 MB. can we attach the file with this size?

can u able to access this drive file?

As discussed in the private thread, please check clearing your browser cache (or) incognito once as the HAR logs didn’t reflect any network call failures, and your account custom apps section loads fine for me. Please keep us posted if the issue got resolved.


now I can able to load this page in other browsers but I can’t able to install or uninstall any apps,

can you check uninstalling “marketsparrow saravana” app from custom app?

Hi @Saravana_Kumar_R ,

Did you get a chance to verify this & is it fine now?

stil facing same issue, can u try from your side?

Any updates on this issue? @mariappan

Hi @Saravana_Kumar_R ,

Thanks for confirming that the Custom apps page loading is resolved & able to load from different browser. As mentioned should be cache issue & please try clearing it.

Just making a note of the follow up issue reported privately,

i have verified it now. still i cant able to uninstall “marketsparrow saravana” app from custom app? “There was an error during uninstallation. If this issue persists, please contact support.” Getting this issue on uninstalling the custom app.

Will check and update on this issue today.


Hi @Saravana_Kumar_R,

We tried to debug if there was any issue on our end. But found from the app logs -

"message": "error while executing the server code. - server.js:197\n console.log('token generated '+access_token);\n ^\n\nReferenceError: access_token is not defined\n at getOauthHeaders (server.js:197:34)\n at handleAppMainEvents (server.js:31:74)\n at Object.onAppUninstall 

If you are trying to print access_token out of the request method context that would not be available.

In onAppInstall or onAppUninstall events, you must return the renderData() method for success or error cases.

Hi @Saravana_Kumar_R ,

Did you get a chance to look at the inputs shared above regarding your app code? If not, please give a try.

Copying the private message context here,

No i am facing error on even installing the app

There was an error during installation. If this issue persists, please contact support.

This sounds weird. Please use this main thread itself (just to keep my team posted on our conversations) & share relevant details like app name & brief of the error you’re facing. Make sure you record the HAR logs and attach with your messages.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @zach_jones_noel ,

Ya i understand the problem with our app code, but now how can we uninstall the app that is already installed?

App name : marketsparrow saravana
Error occurred while uninstalling : There was an error during uninstallation. If this issue persists, please contact support.

Thanks in advance

Greetings @Saravana_Kumar_R,

Can you please try removing the
console.log('token generated '+access_token)

from the getOauthHeaders method which is causing the error and upload a new version of the app and then update the app?

Since the access_token is not defined while printing it, it is causing the your uninstall handler to fail and hence you are not able to uninstall.

If you are still facing the issue, please let us know.

Aadharsh R

I can able to uninstall the app after uploading new version
Thanks for the fix @Aadharsh_R

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