Unable to make a api call in freshbot

Hi ,

I have a use case where i need to make a API call from freshbot ,

I tried creating a new bot with a simple flow . I created a button in freshbot which is linked with an API (created an API with post request under API libraries) . While creating an API, i did test the API which was working and logged my response to the corresponding URL. But when i tried preview or publish the bot doesn’t seem to work .


We tried finding relevant help from the community and our own team. Looks like there are no experts from ‘freshbots’ to help you with this query if your workflow is blocked. I would recommend you to raise a support ticket at support@freshdesk.com for now.

Nevertheless, please feel free to create topics on this subject. That could indicate us finding dedicated help to bring on this forum.

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Thanks @Saif .I did create ticket, i couldn’t get any response . So, created topic here . Today one from freshbot team helped me and gave another approach.Ill explore the suggested approach works for me and post the solution here too.


Hey, Janani!

I’ve been working periodically with freshbots, if you still have issues, feel free to post here again and if it’s the case, attach screenshots for the api configuration, dialogs that is calling it and save the logs from tab analyse (messages, activity logs and apis calls) in a txt.