Unable to pack app with axios common js import

Hi Raviraj,
I am trying to import latest version of axios using the steps above, however, I am getting below error when trying to pack it.
‘axios/dist/node/axios.cjs’ is not listed in manifest.

Can you please suggest?

Hi @Dev_Aditya,

I’m able to use the above-mentioned code and able to pack it successfully with the FDK version 9.0.4 (the latest at the moment).
Could you mention what is your FDK version? If previous version, could you try updating to the latest and try packing the app?

If you still see the issue in the latest FDK version, I would need your relevant server.js and manifest.json code to reproduce the issue and check.

Hello @Raviraj ,

I am using 9.0.5 and am getting the same error when trying to pack my app as well as “The following dependencies are not used: axios”