Unable to pack app with axios common js import

Hi Raviraj,
I am trying to import latest version of axios using the steps above, however, I am getting below error when trying to pack it.
‘axios/dist/node/axios.cjs’ is not listed in manifest.

Can you please suggest?

Hi @Dev_Aditya,

I’m able to use the above-mentioned code and able to pack it successfully with the FDK version 9.0.4 (the latest at the moment).
Could you mention what is your FDK version? If previous version, could you try updating to the latest and try packing the app?

If you still see the issue in the latest FDK version, I would need your relevant server.js and manifest.json code to reproduce the issue and check.

Hello @Raviraj ,

I am using 9.0.5 and am getting the same error when trying to pack my app as well as “The following dependencies are not used: axios”

Hi @Raviraj

I had it working but now I am seeing the same message when I try to run the app. I am using FDK 9.0.6.

With the help of @Raviraj we have identified that Axios will not work with the FDK currently. Not sure what version of the FDK this was lost though. We also found that Superagent won’t work either but Needle (https://www.npmjs.com/package/needle) will. Node-Fetch v2 (node-fetch - npm) also works but v3 doesn’t.


Hey Rob! Thanks for the update. I was going crazy trying to figure the issue out and wrote it off to an FDK update. I used the request library in my use case and it was able to accomplish what I needed it to.

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Hi @Kiska_Sanchez

The request API works really well especially if you need to have the calls from a whitelisted IP address but be aware that this API is now rate limited in serverless apps as well to 50 calls per minute which you can hit pretty easily if you have a reasonably large ticket volume. You then need to speak to the developer support team to increase this which is done on an app ID basis.

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Thank you for that call out! Is this in the FDK documentation somewhere?

See notes.


Also be aware that the timeout on the request interface is 5 secs by default but I believe it can be increased to 15 secs upon request.

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