Unable to publish nor getting code coverage or issue report


We developed a Freshworks app with Vue.js and try to publish it into Freshworks marketplace.
However, when submitted, the app is rejected with a report zip file that does not contain any information about what needs to be fixed.
Please find below a copy of issue_report.json:

    "type" : "Coverity issues",
    "formatVersion" : 7,
    "suppressedIssueCount" : 0,
    "issues" : [],
    "desktopAnalysisSettings" : null,
    "error" : null,
    "warnings" : []

And a copy of the summary.xml file:

    <title>Coverity Errors</title>

Maybe is that due to the fact that the fdk does not produce any code coverage report.

But with that info, how can I submit the app and get it reviewed?

We also have a second practical issue related to this review: When submitting the app there are 2 emails in the submit form, one for future public use on the marketplace as support email, and a second one for private use during app review exchanges.
But so far each rejection and report zip file is sent to the public one that lands into our helpdesk and we cannot get attached files - is there anything to do in order to make the submission process to use the private email during the app review process?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @JBA,

Freshworks CLI (FDK) does not generate code coverage for apps using frontend frameworks yet. We can help with not requiring code coverage for this app.

Could you please provide the App ID of your app?

I can check out about your second problem with your app information and confirm.


Hi @Raviraj thanks for beeing so fast!
My App ID is: 44720


@JBA Your app has been rejected for having less code coverage. Yes, it’s not possible to generate code coverage for apps with frontend frameworks used and compiled to submit to the Marketplace.

We have skipped the code coverage requirement for this app. Please submit your app again to get it published after our regular app review process.

@JBA About the second issue that you have mentioned, when an app has been rejected the reason for rejection is sent to both the support email address and alternative email address to address the app review feedback and submit again. The app is gets rejected automatically for having less code coverage than expected coverage and the email is sent to both the email addresses,

We started doing automated security testing for the app submitted and send the result of the security testing. This email has not been sent to the alternate email address. We will find and address this to send this report to both email addresses.
Currently, the app is not rejected for any security testing result.

We send all the communication to the support email address as well along with the alternate email address to ensure the communication is reached the relevant people without being missed.

@Raviraj thanks a lot for your answers, app resubmitted!

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@Raviraj after review I’ve been asked for some modifications into my app, it has been made but once submitted it is again automatically rejected because of the same issue, with an empty report.zip file… Can you bypass this once again? Thanks

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