Unable to reassign Group alone in Freshchat


I’m trying to reassign the group alone to a conversation using Rest API (PUT) https://api.freshchat.com/v2/conversations/0e5e6760-b01b-4cd5-a243-b89b261243bf
and the request body is

     "status": "assigned",
     "assigned_group_id": "b2c83bd1-9f8d-4aa8-b1b0-4518420feadd"

I’m receiving the below error

     "code": 400,
     "status": "INVALID_VALUE",
     "message": "Agent not found. Please provide valid value for assigned_agent_id"

Through the Freshchat portal, it’s not showing any restriction if we won’t assign agents. Can’t I reassign the group alone?


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Hello @soujanya

I think the reason you are getting the error is because if the status is set to assigned, then the assigned_agent_id field is mandatory. If you are looking to assign to a group alone, then the status needs to be set to “new”. This can be found in the Freshchat API documentation. Here is a screenshot for you to reference.

Hope this helps.



Hi @Zach

It worked fine. I missed changing the status to new :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for the quick help.