Unable to retrieve secure iparam after packing

Hi, I am encountering an issue after packing my app.
Actually, i have a secure iparam with a dynamic name - named api_agentId (eg: api_12345678)

"headers": {
                "Authorization": "<%= iparam['api_' + context.agentId] %>"

When I attempt to use the code snippet mentioned above in requests.json, I encounter authorization issues while trying to communicate with the server.

However, when I use a static name like ‘apikey’ as an example, I can successfully authorize access.

This issue only arises after I pack the app, there are no issues when I use ‘fdk run’.

Could you please provide assistance with this?

Can anyone provide assistance with this ASAP!!

Reference image!

Hi @Rithik_S,


I have encountered this scenario too…

But I hope for now this feature doesn’t exist.

But as a workaround, you could trigger an SMI where you can extract the agentID (“api_[agentid]”) from the iparams and trigger a request method from the backend and then return the response to the front end.

This will work because the SMI doesn’t hide the secured iparams data as it happens in the front end.

Hope this helps.

If not, let me know.

Have a good day, Bye :wave:

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