Unable to send Webhook Challenge code for Monday.com

Hey Team,

I’m working on registering webhooks with Freshdesk and Monday.com. But facing an issue as when I register the webhook I’m required by Monday.com to return a challenge code to the server.

I’ve registered the onAppInstall and onExternalEvent withing my serverless application and on registering the webhook on Monday.com I’m having the following issue.

Challenge Code

{ "challenge": "3eZbrw1aBm2rZgRNFdxV2595E9CY3gmdALWMmHkvFXO7tYXAYM8P" }

This is how I’m sending my challenge code as a response.

renderData(null, { "challenge": "3eZbrw1aBm2rZgRNFdxV2595E9CY3gmdALWMmHkvFXO7tYXAYM8P" });

But this is how Monday seems to be receiving the response.

    "requestID": "05e4669f-97cb-4800-8998-f67e113e03ea",
    "response": { "challenge": "m7CrPxfXssC7zJGONfbQ5ZcKCPZiKcLSh34ozVm8SueGGRbdFqRlfsE89VawgGY0lLYGPOvCMvHduBnIuD6UvQ"  }}

Could someone help me with how I can send back only the response body to Monday.com and not all of the request ID and response object.

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Team,

Could someone please help me out with this? Thanks in advance.