Unable to set To Address for note using Interface Method


I am not able to set a vale in “Notify to” field while trying to create a note for a ticket

This is the code I used

client.interface.trigger("setValue", {id: "note", toAddress: "syed@company.com"})
        .then(function(data) {
            console.log("Testing fesability");

The code seems to run without failing as I am getting the output of console log.

But the “Notify to” field in the note is still empty

Kindly offer a solution point out if I am making a mistake


Hello Syed,

The function you are using is to set a value of the field, where as per my understanding you want to create a note of your ticket.

Please use conversation API or Freshdesk SDK to achieve this.

If you want to set the value of the field only, as per documentation, the note field isn’t supported.

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