Unable to submit Custom app in freshsales

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As I am not able to submit a custom app in freshsales because of the following error " Please Upload the appropriate app package for the selected product", I went through the community topics and found a related topic in following link I can't upload my custom app freshsales

But the Issue is, I am unable to change the product from “freshworks crm” to " freshsales", I have even tried creating new account after getting into freshsales website but ended up in creating freshsales crm account “https://xxx.myfreshwork.com’/crm/sales” instead of freshsales.

It would be great, If I get to know how to submit a custom app in freshsales account and to create a account with domain “https://xxxxxx.freshsales.io”. So that I’ll be able to my custom app.


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Custom apps for freshsales can be submitted only from the freshsales account’s developer portal. Logging into fcrm account’s developer portal and submitting custom apps for freshsales is not allowed.

Mughela Chandresh


@Suman_Chinnaraju ,
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Currently “https://xxxxxx.freshsales.io” is not available, it is migrated to Freshsales CRM,
and as @Mughela_Chandresh said, try changing the product name to Freshsales or try creating it as an Omni app, to support both Freshworks CRM and Freshsales CRM accounts.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

kindly get back to us if you have any questions regarding the same


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@Santhosh, @Mughela_Chandresh , Thank you for the reply guys, the issue got fixed after changing the product to freshworks crm.


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