Unable to successfully install the FDK


I am currently running Windows 10 21H2 and I am trying to install node and the FDK on windows. I am running into an issue where it gives me a Self-signed certificate in certificate chain error when trying to install the FDK. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @tmcgeorge, welcome to the Freshworks Developer Community!

Are you seeing this error when running npm install https://cdn.freshdev.io/fdk/latest.tgz -g? If so, we often see firewalls and corporate VPNs overwrite the SSL certificates for some of FDK’s dependencies when installing.

One common workaround is to set the environment variable NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED to 0 and re-run the installation. On Windows command prompt, you can use this:

npm install https://cdn.freshdev.io/fdk/latest.tgz -g

Please be aware that setting this environment variable prevents npm from validating the certificates in the call.

From Researching that is what I have found for the most part too is that some sort of firewall or domain cert could be blocking it. That definitely allowed for me to install the FDK. Thank you Kaustav!


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