Unable to test locally after secuity update


I’m testing a method in freshcaller serverless. But when doing it with the localhost tool it fails and sais that the domain is not whitelisted.

{ response: ‘This domain has not been whitelisted’,
status: 400,
headers: {},
errorSource: ‘APP’ }

This makes it impossible to test locally before publishing the app for testing. Since the publish time is around 30 mins this will be a very long process for testing.

How can this be solved?

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You need to whitelist the domain before you are using it in the request API,
eg: in manifest, you need to add the whitelisted domain

"whitelisted-domains": [

please refer the doc for more detail

Hope it helps :slight_smile:



Hello @JonathanHojtoft. Thank you for bringing this challenge to us.

localhost domains are currently blocked from being used as a whitelisted domain, due to security vulnerabilities that might be obvious. Would you mind describing your test setup that requires testing against localhost so that we could picture this better and come up with a solution / enhancement? I would guess that perhaps your app is trying to integrate with a 3rd party service or an external application that you are running on localhost for testing, but a brief description of your setup would help us design the right experience as part of our solution.