Unable to upload custom app for FreshCaller to route calls

I “think” I’ve followed the documentation appropriately but when I try to upload the zip file, I get an error message that says:

Oops! We only support app manifests with Node.js runtime versions 14, 18 and above.

However, in the manifest.json file, I have the following:

  "platform-version": "2.3",
  "product": {
    "freshcaller": {
      "functions": {
        "getMarketByPhoneNumber": {
          "timeout": 5
      "requests": {
        "getMarketByPhoneNumber": {}
  "engines": {
    "node": "18.17.0",
    "fdk": "9.0.7"
  • The FDK version is 9.0.7 (Node version v18.17.0)
  • I have no errors or warnings when running fdk run
  • I am uploading to what looks like the Freshcaller account at this url: Freshworks
  • When I click the “New App” button it takes me to Freshworks
  • When I go to https://usegale-help.freshcaller.com/, I get redirected to Freshcaller and empty buttons in the navigation bar

According the the information I’ve received about this app, I needed to modify my manifest.json to use “freshwork_crm” rather than the “freshcaller” product.

However, after making this change, I am still unable to upload a new custom app and I’m also not able to add a new version of the app that the Fresh team was able to upload themselves.

When attempting to upload a new version of the current app I get the error, “Sorry! That’s not a valid zip file. Please ensure to upload a validated and packed app file.”

Note: I am using a mac to zip my files by simply right clicking on the folder and choosing “Compress <>”

Please advise on how to resolve this issue.

To create an app and continue development, I assume you rightly installed Freshworks CLI and ran the command fdk create. Once you finished the development, it’s expected you generate a zip file using fdk pack command. The manual approach might not include some needed files.

Thank you Saif

I was able to zip the app and upload it as a New Freshcaller app.

However, the app does not appear available when attempting to use it in the Routing Automation Flow.

image (27)

It seems like what is set up in the developer portal, isn’t being properly passed on to Routing Automations. Since it’s not specifically a problem with the app development, I will have this routed to Freshcaller team for further assistance, Ron