Unable to view BCC link in New Email Page

I was trying to show the BCC link in New Email & New Ticket Page as per Interface API documentation but it is not working as expected. Here is the code snippet I’m using:

      client.interface.trigger("show", { id: "bcc" })
                .then(function(data) {
                }).catch(function(error) {

Can you let us know whether this will work or not?


Hi @Parimala,

Welcome to the Community! :wave:

Looks like the BCC field is not available in New Email Page and New Ticket Page in the Freshdesk product anymore. So, this Interface API will not work on those pages.

I see that this Interface API is shown as available in the documentation for New Email Page page. I will take it as feedback to remove this from the documentation.

Thank you for actively notifying us about the issue. :slight_smile: