Unable to view "Unique External ID" change in OnContactUpdate event


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I am trying to identify when the “Unique External ID” contact field is updated in Freshdesk because it is linked to an external system and I want to update the external system whenever this field is updated. However, it looks like it is not included in the JSON the serverless app receives. This seems a strange omission as it looks like all other contact information is included and this field is a significant one in Freshdesk.

Is there a configuration option that allows this field to be included in the JSON?

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Hi @Leah_James,

This field is available from the Estate plan only. Could you check if your account is in Freshdesk pricing plans greater than the estate plan?

Were you be able to check if the event works by changing the field actually in Freshdesk?


Hi @Raviraj,

Thank you for getting back to me.

I did try to log the changes when I changed the Unique External ID in Freshdesk during end-to-end testing but they did not get logged. Is the following correct? Can you share a screenshot of how it is expected to be received and also let me know if the Unique External Id is included in the list of changes that could be detected?

exports = {

  events: [
    { event: 'onContactUpdate', callback: 'onContactUpdateHandler' }

  onContactUpdateHandler: function(args) {
    console.log("Logging arguments from onContactUpdate event: " + JSON.stringify(args));

    var changes = JSON.stringify(args.data.contact.changes);

    console.log("Changes are: "+changes);

Hi @Raviraj ,

Any update?

Hi team,

Would really appreciate an answer on this. Thank you.

Hi @Leah_James,

Sorry for the delay. The Unique External ID field does not trigger the event. But, it will be available in the changes list if any other field change occurs simultaneously that will trigger the onContactUpdated event.

To get an event for this field update, there should an alternate way implemented to update any other contact field that will trigger the event when this field is updated through automation or so.

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Hi @Raviraj,

Thank you for the information.

Is there a reason the “Unique External ID” field is not included in the list of events? I am wondering because it is a default contact field that most customers would use to track their contacts across systems and so shouldn’t any changes to it be immediately available/be easily registrable to the customer? Also, I can’t seem to find an automation that would be able to identify updates to other contact fields. Could you let me know?