Uncaught (in promise) error 403

Good afternoon, I am developing a custom full page app, where I will send information obtained by this app to a third party API, however, when I send the request to the third party API I get the error:

Uncaught (in promise)

as shown in the image below:


My code looks like this:

How can I solve this error?

Have you added the domain to whitelisted-domains in manifest.json?


Hi @Lucas_de_Lagos_Pando,

As part of this security release, certain sites have also been blocked to make requests from the Request Method platform feature to improve the security posture of our platform and to prevent the iparams to be used only within the platform.

The webhook.site is one of the sites that have been blocked and other known and popular troubleshooting sites have also been blocked.

As an alternative, you can bring up your own API server and use them via the Request Method if you would like to troubleshoot or test the setup on the app.


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