Unexpected behavior of NOTEs in conversations endpoint

Hi Community,
We are using the conversations endpoint in our integration. While testing the endpoint we observed a weird behavior of this endpoint which is listed below:

case 1: When updating a note using update conversation API call, its body value gets updated but its last_edited_at field value does not be changed.

case 2: When updating a note value from the UI the last_edited_at field value also gets updated in the API response.

Moreover, the updated_at field is not getting updated in any of the above cases.

Am I missing anything or is this the expected behavior that updating notes from API call does not update last_edited_at value or is there any other endpoint to update notes value?

Steps to reproduce the above senarious:


Step-1: Created a Note in UI.
Step-2: Getting note in API response.
Step-3: Updating value from API call.
Step-4: Updated Note response.


Step-1: Created a Note from UI
Step-2: Note response in API call
Step-3: Update note from UI
Step-4: Check note data from API call.

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We are also facing the same issue. Can someone from the Freshdesk team help here?