Unlock or increase max height of the app in ticket_sidebar

Hello, we have an app ChannelReply, it pulls info related to the ticket from the e-commerce sources. E.g. when Amazon buyer asks a question about their order - we display that order data. The issue is that there is not enough space in narrow ticket_sidebar to display all the info, allowing to have ticket_sidebar height at least 1000px (current limit is 700px) like Contact Details block (We actually display a lot info about contact in the app too) would dramatically improve our customer’s experience. I suppose that other e-commerce apps should have the same issue with this 700px limitation.

Other app locations don’t work, because they are either modals, and it is not possible to type reply and see the data at the same time, or they are global, and it is not possible to get info about currently opened ticket.

You Freshdesk afraids that a lot of new apps will use too much space - then you can control this during apps submission process.

Thank you for creating a feedback topic. I will make sure this is feedback is passed to the right teams.