Unlock Your Revenue Potential with Paid Apps Program Incentive Program II

The Paid Apps Program offers all developers and developer partners a unique opportunity to build a recurring source of revenue by creating and publishing paid apps on Freshworks Marketplace. Under the standard revenue share model, developers receive 80% while Freshworks retains 20% of the revenue generated by paid apps. However, we have taken things to the next level with our active incentive program, redefining how revenue sharing works.

Introducing the Incentive Program II, launched at the Freshworks Dev Summit! This new incentive model is specially designed to empower you to maximize your revenue and fast-track your success on the ever-expanding Freshworks Marketplace. By developing innovative, future-ready apps for our product suite, you’ll dive into an exciting incentive model that yields nearly negligible commission while boosting your revenues significantly.

Here’s how Incentive Program II works:

Publish 2 apps by 30th September: Enjoy 100% revenue for the first 3 months

Publish 3 apps by 30th September: Enjoy 100% revenue for the first 6 months

Publish 4 apps by 30th September: Reap the benefits with 100% revenue for the first 12 months

Know more about the monetization opportunities on the Freshworks marketplace here.

Start building your apps today and explore the boundless possibilities that await you on Freshworks Marketplace. We can’t wait to see what amazing apps you’ll bring to our growing community of users.

How does one go about beginning to develop Freshworks apps?

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