Update a contact in freshcaller

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I’ve been working on an application that would create a new contact in freshcaller. But unable to find any API to update or delete contacts from Freshcaller.
Is there any API to update/delete a contact in freshcaller?

Creating Contact in Freshcaller
Request: POST
URL: https://domain.freshcaller.com/api/v1/contacts

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Good day!
there is no document regarding creating contacts in Freshcaller, and since it is not a standalone product, and is integrated with other products such as desk/service/sales I hope it uses that product-specific contact for calling.
meanwhile Let me check with the product team and get back to you on the same


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Hi @Santhosh

Yes, I didn’t find any documentation regarding contacts API in Freshcaller.
But the API had shared seemed to work hence wanted to check if API indeed exists for freshcaller.
Thanks for your reply

Hi @mohammed

We have only the contact create/index/show actions available under public APIs.

We don’t have any public APIs to update/delete contacts in Freshcaller.


Hi @Ananth_Mamidi

Thanks for the update. Have a good day

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