Update custom fields using powerapps freshdesk connector


I’m trying to update custom fields in a powerapps application using the freshdesk connector to no avail. Can you kindly help me ?


Hello @Roncam82

Would you please help us understand little bit more elaboratively?

  1. Maybe more about connector you are referring to? Any link that can help us learn more?
  2. The custom fields you are referring to. Are they part of PowerApp or the Freshdesk?
  3. How are trying to update? Can I assume it’s more of a POST request ?

I’m using the freshdesk connector in powerapps.
The custom fields are part of freshdesk.
I’m trying to update the custom fields from powerapps using the freshdesk connector

Any help please with the above issue ?

Hi @Roncam82

I guess there aren’t many of us on the forum who are good at understanding PowerApps and the problems with Freshdesk Connectors. Sorry.

However, if anyone in the community can help you, feel free to chime in.

It can be hard to wait without any solution. I will encourage you to create a ticket with support@freshdesk.com if you see some help.