Updates to Terms of Use of the Freshworks Developer Community

On 10th January, 2022, we are updating our Terms of Service (“Terms”) to help clarify and make it easier to understand what to expect as you use the community forum. These changes won’t affect the way you use the community forum. Your continued use of community service signifies your acceptance of these current Terms. Please adhere to the Terms to maintain your community forum access.

At a glance, this update covers –

More clarity on what to expect

We’re providing more clarity about how to use your account, including more detail about the rights and responsibilities pertaining to the account.

General updates for improved readability

While our Terms remain a legal document, we’ve done our best to make them easier to understand. This includes reorganizing some sections (such as Conduct on the Developer Community and prohibited use) and rewording others (such as Intellectual Property Rights, Confidential Information, etc.).

Additional clauses

We have included the right for our users to share the content of the community forum on other platforms, including other social media platforms. Additionally, we have included procedures in our policy in case you come across a third party violating your or any third party’s copyrights or trademarks.

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