Uppercase umlaut in tag generate a "Duplicate value" error

Hi there,

in our Freshdesk there is a tag called “österreich”. It is used for solution articles.

Now I would like to add a tag named “Österreich” (please note the uppercase Ö while the existing tag has a lowercase ö). When calling the REST API with a PUT request, there will be a “Duplicate value. Record already exists” error. If i use “österreich” everything works fine.

I guess there is a check if a tag already exists and “Ö” isn’t “ö”. But when the new tag is saved this causes some issues. I couldn’t produce the error with any other ASCII character, so I guess there is an internal error when umlauts are converted to lowercase/uppercase to perform a case insensitive comparison.

Is this a bug at the Freshdesk API?


Hi @derlangemarkus

This could possibly be a bug with Freshdesk API. We will get in touch with the Freshdesk team to see if I could fetch any help.

EDIT: This has been identified as a bug on Freshdesk side.

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