" Url not found " issue in Custom app

Hi @channel,

We are trying to make an update API from custom sidebar App. But we are getting Error code : 403 and Error message : " Url not found ". We are using client.request.put method for making API call . We were not sure why this is happening . We have configured URL in white listed domain in manifest file as well.
Could you please help us to resolve the issue . Please find the code snippet below.

  var url = `https://${iparamsDetails["fd_domain"]}/api/v2/agents/${loggedInAgentId}`;
  let bodyData = JSON.stringify({
    group_ids: currentSelectedGroup,
  var options = {
    headers: {
      Authorization: "Basic <%= encode(iparam.fd_apikey) %>",
      "Content-Type": "application/json",
    body: bodyData,
  let updatedAgentResponse = await client.request.put(url, options)

Hi @Gokul_Chakkaravarthi

Can you log the URL and check if it’s valid before making the request?

Yes @Mughela_Chandresh we have logged and checked both URL and headers . We believe that we there will be no issue on URL and headers because its working in local as Expected but only on portal its not working

If possible, can you DM the zip file by removing all sensitive data from it? I will try reproducing the issue from my end. Please share the exact zip that you are using.


@Gokul_Chakkaravarthi This API endpoint is blocked as part of a security update from 2 years ago. Please check the original announcement post about the update.

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