URL Path Parameters not working

We are moving one of our custom app to v2.3. In one API, we have to pass date filter as URL parameter in API URL(https:///?< URL parameters>.

I am passing URL param as context variable to requests.json file
While testing in local, URL parameters are working as expected, however, when I deploy it, URL parameter does not work.

Can you please help?

Hey @Dev_Aditya
Can you share your requests.json file and the method with params you are invoking the template?

Hi Srikanth, I have shared the details in your inbox

@Dev_Aditya We have recognized an issue at our end that the API requests with special characters in the URL have got trimmed in the production but not in the local simulation with FDK.

We are fixing it and we will inform here after it is available in production. The URL path parameter will continue to work with the special character (&).

@Dev_Aditya This issue has been fixed.
Please check if the query parameters work fine in the path value for the Request Method with templates in platform v2.3.

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