Use oauth within an external app (without using the development platform)


we have a serverside (golang) application where we would love our users to onboard via oauth instead of having to copy paste an API key

However when I created an External App on Freshworks Developers I did not see a client_id / client_secret anywhere.

Does that mean that only Freshworks App (= Development platform) can connect via oauth?
And if so, is it to possible to build a very small Freshwork App that then passes on some credentials to our server side to use the REST api. If so, can you point us in the right direction how to do this?


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External apps are just redirection to third party applications/sites and do not use any Freshworks utilities. Oauth is supported with Freshworks apps and not External apps. Please refer this for more information on building apps.

Refer the below links for sample apps :

Mughela Chandresh

Hello @probackup

I believe you are trying to connect with a Freshworks API endpoint using OAuth2? Unfortunately, our APIs do not yet support OAuth and the API Key is the only possible way to authenticate your requests for these APIs.

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