Use react on a freshservice app


So here’s my problem :

I had a basic problem importing and exporting constant between two of my .js files so I’m now trying to use a framework on freshservice. There’s a tutorial to do that so I followed it but there’s no template of react during the creation of a new freshservice app altough there’s one for freshwork.

Is it still possible ?

If not, is there any solution just to export and import function and object between two js files ? The basic export and import doesn’t actually work because of the babel version. I also tried to use require("") but it doesn’t seem to work neither.

Thanks in advance

Hey @zaidschouwey98,

The FDK supports React for all the products, you can use the Freshdesk template and just change the product to Freshservice in the manifest.json.

We are also working on adding templates to all of our products, will keep you posted in that as well!

Hope this helps!

Stay safe :slight_smile:


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