Validation Issues

from our local setup when we are trying to validate Freshdesk account with SANDBOX api key, it gives 502 error response as seen in the attachment. Can we get this fixed?
– api response: {{“status”:502,“headers”:{},“response”:“Error in establishing connection”,“errorSource”:“APP”,“attempts”:1}}

  1. from our local setup when we are trying to validate freshdesk account with PROD api key, it updates the same on PRODUCTION. Due to this, any bulk update done on PROD now goes against the user validated from the local environment. Can we avoid this behaviour ?

need help in fixing the above issues.

Hi @Angelene_Williams,

  1. Based on your input, I cannot guess where things go wrong. Could you share the code snippet from the manifest.json file and the app making an API request to troubleshoot it further and get it reproduced at our end with a similar setup to debug the issue?
  2. I couldn’t exactly get the problem here. When running the app locally, the user is validated, and the bulk update is done for the same user in your Freshdesk production account. You want none of the Freshdesk production environment to be affected by your local testing. Is my understanding correct?

Hi Raviraj,

Sharing the manifest.json file.

  1. Yes, the understanding is correct. Local development changes should not affect Production until deployment is not done.
  2. new observation: api v2 ticket fields on merchant sandbox from local fails with the below response

{“status”:502,“headers”:{},“response”:“Error in establishing connection”,“errorSource”:“APP”,“attempts”:1}

Can we schedule a call to take it forward?

Hi @Angelene_Williams,

For #1, the app manifest sent personally looks good. Further, have to check the code that is used to make the API. If you cannot share the code here, please raise a support ticket, and our engineers can help troubleshoot the issue, if any.

For #2, we do not have a Freshdesk account associated with local testing. Whichever account and its credentials are used while testing the app, all the app’s functionality will only happen against the same account.
To avoid it, a new test account can be created, and the same can be used for testing purposes if the app does some modification that needs to be protected against the production account.

In the absence of a separate account or environment for testing, what do you think would help prevent the modifications in the production in the meantime with the current setup?
Tagging @Utkarsh_Singh to collect more feedback about it since we are working on a feature to support test version of apps.

For #3, please create a support ticket for issues on the platform or product. We would be able to help better with more details about the app and the account that are sensitive to share over the public forum.

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