Validation message on installation page

In custom installation page, I have used two tabs. After authenticating the information in the first tab the second tab will be enabled. When install is clicked from the first tab I will restrict the installation process through returning false in the validate() method and this results in default validation message (‘Validation failed’).
Even after validating the first tab and moving to the next tab, the default validation message is shown permanently. Is there any way to remove that message (or) Can we enable/disable install button.

Hi @Gokulaselvan_T,

It is not possible to use the “Install” button as a navigation button to move to the next tabs. Multiple tabs can be handled with a custom navigation and validation buttons and the “Install” button can only be used to install the app eventually after the validations in all the tabs.

There’s no way to disable the “Install” button in the apps gallery by design. It will validate the default methods of the custom installation page and show the notification based on the result. So, it cannot be avoided.

I will move it to the “Feedback” category here to take it as a feature request and report it to the team to analyze the requirement.

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