Want to fetch assets complete data

I’m trying to fetch all data related to assets in freshservice via assets api but im getting very limited data which includes only “Overview” page data. I also want to fetch the details that what softwares that laptop have that already fetched by discovery agent. Can someone help on this?

Hi @Umar,

Could you share which API you are using and which field is missing in that API?
Is the additional information that you mention stored as components inside assets? In that case, there’s a list all asset components API available.

Hi @Raviraj ,

Im using https://domain.com/cmdb/items and https://domain.com/api/v2/assets these API’s to fetch the data with first API i get all data i wanted like the custom fields as well that i added into the asset but with second V2 API im only getting assets general information not the other.

In my case i also wanted to fetch the information which softwares does this asset has installed in it which is discovered by the Freshservice Agent.

it would be great if you can help me with that!


Hello @Umar,

Did you try the additional type fields embed to include some other data like /api/v2/assets?include=type_fields?
Have you checked if the required data is available with this embed in the documentation?