Wat is skipheaderssantize in app request methods?

i was unable to make an api request from the app request method and i found a param in the fdk logs skipheadersantize = true.
the api is authenticated with the token which is sent with the request.

any help?

Hey @Marri_Sri_Rahul_Sidd,

Can you share the requests.json and if it contains any query params or path parameters?

hi @zach_jones_noel

error message

this api calls are working from the postman.

really unsure why i am receiving 403 as status code in app and 200 in postman for sam e request.

Hey @Marri_Sri_Rahul_Sidd,

I see that you are using a query param orgID, can you refer to Freshworks Developer Docs | Use request method to place secure HTTP calls and use query params?