We need access to the ticket

Following are the requirements from the customer:

The account wants to have reopen timestamp which, in Freshdesk, is currently not available. There is an already existing app which was available to provide the same. The same app needs to be integrated with the Freshdesk account.

One of the support team had suggested this to another customer - Attaching the ticket for your kind reference: -


As per this app, after a minimum time duration, a new ticket will be created in Freshdesk. The SLA time required for setting up this setup will be 2 days(48hrs straight) from the time of raising the ticket. Post then, either the customer has to raise a new ticket or the webhook will automatically create a new ticket in Freshdesk.

Help required:

We need a access to view the ticket, Please provide the access to the mail ID below

[ram@jinnss.com] [ramanidharan@jinnss.com]

Hi @Ramanidharan_Sathyam,

Do you mean you want to access the #5872800 support ticket content to find the conversations? It cannot be given access to anyone apart from the same customer.

If you’re in contact with the customer for their requirement to modify the logic of the provided solution, please get the solution from the customer to proceed to modify it.