Webhook for Whatsapp Messages

I’m using the API for Outbound-messages from freshchat to send Whatsapp Messages.


I want to know if there is a way to set up a webhook to get status updates for my product messages. I want to know if the message was read, but without making a pooling mechanism.

Hi @mtayllan

Welcome to the community. Out of the box there is no web-hook which could be used to read the delivery status of the outbound message. Possible solution would be scheduled events and get message status api.

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I am curious.

If it is possible, do you mind sharing the business use case that requires this sort of implementation? Let me see if I can turn this into any sort of feature request…

We have a page in our product with Whatsapp Messages (Proactive Messages) that were sent to a specific client. We want to show if that message was read or not, but without the need to do more API requests.

If we have a webhook to receive this updates, we can easily update the message status.

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