Webhook Not Triggering Ticket Creation

We are trying to setup a Webhook that will create a new ticket when a reply is received on a closed ticket. Ideally the newly created ticket would then be received through our other automations and be assigned.

Below is the Webhook setup we have:


	"email": "{{ticket.contact.email}}",
	"description": "{ticket.latest_public_comment}}",
	"subject": "(Parent Ticket {{ticket.id}}) - {{ticket.subject}}",
	"status": 2,
	"source": 1,
	"priority": 1,
	"group_id": 48000607187,
	"type": "{{ticket.ticket_type}}",
	"custom_fields": {
		"product": "{{ticket.cf_product}}",
		"issue_category": "{{ticket.cf_issue_category}}",
		"environment": "{{ticket.cf_environment781198}}"

We setup an additional action to send the agent an email when this automation occurs, which does happen. However, so far we have been unable to have this Webhook Automation actually create a new ticket. The goal is to create a new ticket when a requester responds to a closed ticket that will create the new ticket with the requester’s email address and closed ticket contents.

@wbabich , I created an automation rule with the same rule configuration, and I’m able to find the webhook getting triggered when a closed ticket gets a reply.

Could you please try using any other API’s endpoints and confirm if this is not an issue with the API you’re currently using.


Thanks for taking a look! That is interesting that worked. I recently disabled all other automations as well and only left this in place, but it still did not trigger a new ticket creation.

Is there a location that lists possible API endpoints?
Also, is there any additional outside of the Automation > Webhook that would come into play to get this to work, such as a permission?

Attempting to instead update an existing ticket using /api/v2/tickets/{{ticket.id}}/notes did not seem to trigger the Webhook either. To me it seems that there is a setting or limitation for our org somewhere.

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Uhm!, @wbabich do you face the same issue with other automation rules or is it only with this configuration?

Unaware of permissions, but the other way of using Automation rules is with Freshdesk API