Webhook registration when iparams are installed

Hi Everyone,
I am making an app which uses SMI functions with product & app events. I want to register a webhook when iparams are installed as I want to use some of the values from iparams.json to register the webhook with Third-party application. Can anyone guide me on how to achieve this? Also is onAppInstall callback runs after the user submit iparams page?

Any help is appreciated

Overall, it appears this is how the flow ripples down

  1. User uses configuration page and gives in information which will be saved as installation parameters.
  2. When app is installed, you want to register a webhook (that will trigger the app) with a 3rd party.

Have you considered onAppInstall itself to both generateTargetUrl (webhook) and make API call to 3rd party (to get it registered). Yes, it should have details that user has shared through configuration page of the app.

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