Weird behavior of Freshchat webhooks


We’re developing an update for our Freshchat-Telegram integration, and during the live testing phase we’ve noticed something very weird. Webhook registration seemingly didn’t work, and closer inspection revealed this:

The two points worth pointing out are:

  1. The webhook URL was generated with a space within its path (which creates obvious issues);
  2. The responce to the webhook registration request was “401 Unauthorized” (to my knowledge, FW app webhooks aren’t supposed to ask for authorization and they never have in my experience working with them).

Can you please comment on this? Is any of this behavior expected?
Just in case, I will also point out that local testing with ngrok tunneling always went as expected (at least in regard to webhook functionality).


Hey @VladislavNechepaev,

Just clarifying, you were able to create a webhook, but the webhook URL created has a space and while making a POST request to the webhook URL you get a 401 unauthorized error, is that right?

My guess is the post request is returning a 401 unauthorized error because the URL has a space in it, although we will check why the webhook URL has a space in it, meanwhile,

  1. could you check if you can make a post request to the webhook URL after manually removing the space and if it still returns an error?
  2. Share your app ID and account ID in the DM to check logs from our end

Stay Safe :slight_smile:

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