What are list of IPs if requests are made via Request Method(staticIP set true)

Hi All,

Can you anyone please help me with the Freshservice IP’s which has to be whitelisted in the client side.

Something similar to Freshdesk like below,

Here is the list of IPs you must whitelist when using Request APIs if IP whitelisting is enabled on the Freshdesk support portal or you wish to whitelist requests from your app. REGIONIPS
United States18.233.117.211 and
Europe-Central18.197.138.225 and
India13.232.159.149 and
Australia13.211.182.225 and


I believe the IPs from which App will make requests are the same as Freshdesk being it’s the same app platform.

See the list of IP ranges

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But when i make a request from server side the ip’s are different from the one which is listed in the document.

Is this something related to a specific account ? Or is this due to Trial account ?



It might be possible that you may have missed adding staticIP:true

options = {

client.request.get("URL", options)
    function(data) {
      //handle "data"
      //"data" is a json string with status, headers, and response.
    function(error) {
      //handle failure
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Hi @Saif We have used the same, but clients have shared feedback saying the request are from different IP’s.

Is there a way i can log the IP from which the request is made ?


Hello @Janani .
Assuming that you are making these requests using the platform’s Request Method, setting the staticIP flag to true, and making these requests from server.js, can you share the following additional information?

  • what IPs has the client noted the calls coming from?
  • how does the client confirm the calls are coming from a different IP?
  • which region is the client’s Freshservice account in?

Hi @satwik ,

Yes we use the request API to make API call’s from server.js and we have also set the staticIP to true.

This is the one client have shared,

We haven’t yet deployed the application in client production account, we have signed up for a free trail account.

Hope this answer’s your questions. Let me know if you need anything else.


Hello @Janani , thanks for sharing additional details. This however only answers the first of my questions. It would help to know the answers to the other 2 questions as well to help you further. Can you help with that too?

Hi @satwik As mentioned above we are using the trial account. And i guess client is identifying by some tool, those ip’s which i have shared is the one client IP team shared.

@Janani Let us know if you were able to find the root cause for this issue to post here that may help the others.
If it’s an issue in our platform, we can also dig into it with the more information that Satwik has requested for.

Hi Ravi,

This issue is resolved, the client has removed the IPs and retried now it’s working.

Thank you guys for helping me out here. And sorry for not posting the update here.