What is the difference between creating a custom objects from Freshservice Admin and from Freshservice APP config?

I want to create a custom object in freshservice for that I have found two ways to create custom object in freshservice.

  1. Using Freshservice Admin: Creating Custom Objects : Freshservice
  2. Using Freshservice App: Entity storage-Custom objects

I want to implement create/update/delete operations on Freshservice custom object using serverless App. Which method would be relevant for creating a object from above two.

Hello Akash,
The Creating Custom Objects : Freshservice refers to custom objects part of the product. These are associated with the product and will not be accessible from apps.
The Entity storage-Custom objects refers to a feature which is part of the marketplace apps similar to data storage, SMI etc. , which can be used to store/retrieve/search records.

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Thanks @Chandiramouli_Ramach for quick response. Just had once more question with regards to Entity storage-Custom objects

If we uninstall the APP can we persist the data in freshservice or the data will be completely vanished after APP uninstall?

The data stored in Freshservice’s custom object will be still remain. But data stored with the custom object part of entities data-store will be destroyed upon uninstallation.

Ok thanks got your point @Chandiramouli_Ramach.

I have followed the documentation Entity storage-Custom objects and created a serverless APP.

  1. I have created entities.json in config folder.
  2. In server.js I am trying to get the schema of entity. But getting different output than documentation.
    Output of Schema

    Expected Output as per documentation

could you please suggest on above?

Can you please try adding an await statement like:

const service_contracts = await $entity.get('employees').schema()

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Yes that works thanks @Chandiramouli_Ramach and also added async to function.

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