What is the timelin on the Freshdesk V1 API deprecation?

Hi all,

Curious if there is any defined timeline around deprecation of the V1 of the Freshdesk API. I see September mentioned in this blog post, but I don’t see any timestamp associated with that blog. Is there an official timeline on this?

For context, we’ve built an integration leveraging the V1 API and are set to release it, but we’d prefer not to if it seems like the API will be deprecated within 12-16 months (i.e. before we have resources to refresh the connection using the V2 API). If more than 16+ months out, we’ll release the integration now and flag any updates for the V2 of the Freshdesk API.

Any context would be helpful!

Hi @SeanMancillas,

I found a solution article where it is mentioned as V1 APIs are already deprecated and will not work after 01-July-2018. The blog doesn’t say exact timeline or the written date.

So, if the V1 API still works for you. I will check with the respective product team and confirm the exact timeline to take a better decision to release your integration.

Hi @SeanMancillas,

Freshdesk team doesn’t want anyone to use V1 API any further. If there’s anything missing from V1 to V2 API, definitely the feedback can be reviewed. Please create a separate thread for any specific queries or requirements in the API.

About terminating the V1 APIs, it’s not decided yet on the timeline. But, it has been deprecated a long back and there’s no update or support to it ever since. There’s no guarantee on the support for another 12 months for V1 API.