What will happen if we send 404, 500 response to your server(Webhook)?

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I have one question here.

In our marketplace apps, we are triggering the webhook to our middleware server. Then we processing the request and send the response back to your server.

Now, my question is, What will happen if we send the 500, 404 response to your server? Is the webhook will be triggered again automatically?

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Hi @Saravanakumar_Raju,

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How’s the webhook in your middleware server being triggered? Are you using Request API?

If the question is to achieve retry with Request API, there’s a feature on it to configure how many times it can retry for network errors or 429/5xx HTTP error occurs.
Take a look at the maxAttempts and retryDelay in options available for Request API to configure these retry mechanism to achieve your need.

Thanks for your response @Raviraj.

I am using an automation rule to trigger the webhook and I am not using the request API. So, whenever a reply is added to a ticket, the automation rule gets triggered and hit our middleware server. Once the request has been processed, then we send responses like 200, 404, 500. Sometimes we got webhook failure notification while sending some responses like 404, 500.

Please share your thoughts.

Hi @Raviraj,

We are triggering the webhook with the help of an automation rule. Then the webhook will be transferred to the corresponding callback URL. Then we will processing the request and send the status code whatever we received from the 3rd party API back to your server.

We have tested with the status codes 404, 500 sending back to your server. But the webhook triggered again and again, finally results in getting webhook failure notification.

Could you please confirm whether I am correct or not?

If we send the status code except 200 back to your server then the webhook will be automatically triggered again? Is this default behaviour?

Hi @Saravanakumar_Raju

You are correct. This is the default behaviour.
In case of 404 or 500 or any failure response code for that matter, the webhook will be retired in the following sequence

  • We will do a retry, 5 minutes after the initial webhook failure in case if unsuccessful response codes.
  • Subsequently, we retry 30 minutes later.
  • To end with, we try again one hour (60 minutes) after the previous attempt.

For example, if the webhook call fails at 2 PM, we will try at 2:05, then 2:35 and then finally at 3:35 PM. If all the three re-attempts fail, the Webhook failure email is triggered.

Hope this helps.


Hi @vaishnav

Thanks for your clarification.