WhatsApp Integration and Retrieve Reply to Respond

I find it kinda hard to integrate WhatsApp into Freshchat. I already setup a API and I can send the outbound message to WhatsApp Client Number but now I dont know how to get the reply or know when the client reply. Are there any samples or some guide for this.


A chat message will be received in Freshchat whenever client replies to the WhatsApp message sent from your account. Based on storage parameter passed (“none” or “conversation”), agent can see the message sent using WhatsApp.

Yes. I can see that but I want to automate the process. Something like using webhook to detect if there are new message and reply.

I believe you could do that using the custom app where you can listen to product events such as onmessagecreate. In your handler you can check for the message channel (i.e. WhatsApp) and act accordingly. Apologies if I missed something.

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