When I am doing fdk validate its getting terminated without showing any errors

I am trying to integrate the custom app with freshdesk. custom app is built on angularJS.

I am currently using FDK version 8.6.7. However, when I run the command “fdk validate,” the process abruptly terminates without providing any error messages or indications of what might be wrong.

Interestingly, I discovered that if I remove certain folders or files from the application, the validation process completes successfully. However, these folders and files are crucial for the proper functioning of my application. Removing them is not a viable solution as it would compromise the functionality of the app.

This situation presents a challenge because I am unable to identify the specific issue causing the termination of the validation process. I need to find a way to resolve this problem without compromising the necessary components of my application.

Hi @Deepak_Bharadwaj ,

As of now, the Freshworks platform doesn’t support apps being built with Angular, hence the validation fails. However, you can still use crayons as a library in Angular projects.

cc: @Asif


Hi @Thakur_Ganeshsingh ,

Thanks for the response. we are using angularJS not angular new version.
and also we have another simple angularJS application where validate and pack is working fine.
But in the current angularJS application validate is not working. if we do fdk validate after some time without any message or error it will exit. and same with fdk pack too.

If I remove few JavaScript files and then try to perform the “validate and pack” operation, it works successfully. However, those JavaScript files are important and I need them for my application. I am currently stuck and unsure about what steps to take next as its not mentioning clearly what is the error.

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