While creating a new ticket, attachment images not displaying, get constant loading icon on images

I’m trying to upload images as attachments when creating tickets via the freshdesk api. The images show as attachments but don’t load, they just give a loading image icon.
I’m using an express server as in the example from the api
fresh-samples/create_ticket_custom_fields_and_attachements.js at master · freshworks/fresh-samples · GitHub,
while text documents seem to upload fine, images are not going through. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Daniel,
I just tried recreating the issue using fresh-samples/NodeJs/create_ticket_custom_fields_and_attachements.js
I was able to upload and view the attachments without any issues, just attaching the screenshot for reference.
Feel free to correct me if I understood differently.


Sorry maybe I wasn’t as clear as I needed to be. I’m uploading the file from a frontend application to a google cloud function to then post to the freshdesk api. The image uploads don’t seem to be working correctly. Thank you,